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Gimme' 5

Yes, it is the little things
three new 5's 
that make
me happy.

Two red and white ones
and a 
black and white one.
And all three of them
are big.
That makes me a happy girl.
I have a friend that I 
work with,
that is out and about
all the time.
I told her 
if she ever saw any
to grab them 
right up.
And boy did she come through.
All in one weekend too!!
This red and white one
is about two feet tall by one foot wide.
It is a bright red and white.
But this is the great part....
it was $4.
   This one is tin and it
is about 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide.
It was the most expensive 
of the three
at $10.
I was glad to get it.
Have you ever seen what big 
numbers go for?
It is 
red and white as well.

The black and white 
was another $4 number.
It is about 18 inches high and about 10 or so inches across.
That tallies up to be three new 
big 5's
for under $20 total.
Now that's some good finds!

As you can see,
I have long been
collecting 5's.
In case you had not figured out
why I had a fondness for the number,
I cabbage on to 5's
because I am the mother of 5.
Not to mention it is a
pretty darn neat looking
Then I was uploading my
pictures of my new 5's,
I looked at the other pictures I had not
I smiled.
I couldn't help but include one other
 number 5.
That is Luke.
He is number 5 in the pecking order
and apparently number 5
on some summer basketball team
he once was on.
I had taken these pictures of Luke
outside playing basketball this weekend.
How appropriate!
Now gimme' 5!!


  1. Neat collection & great finds of 5's! :)

  2. I love any thing with numbers or letters and throw in some tin I'm all there. Your new follower 157.
    Notice how it has a 5 in it.

  3. Belinda Clark9/15/2011

    I have to admit - I am lusting after your 5's! I live in Edmond and recently found my first 5 at Addison's Architectural Salvage in downtown OKC. Would love to have more! I am the 5th child in a family of girls and our names all start with the letter B. So I got an enamel letter B and a number 5 for my mantel.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  4. I just love your collection of 5's...great graphics and all so different. You're lucky to have a friend who is nice enough to keep her eyes open for you at the flea markets. You deserve "5 Stars" for this post!
    Your newest Follower,
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  5. Amazing collection! And a fun one, too! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Thanks for sharing your great collection of number 5's at the open House party. Not only are they wonderful but you got quite a deal.

  7. I *like* this post...I collect number 5's too...they are my favorite for the same reason! And 3 of my kids wore/wear it as their uniform number, too...you have a great collection!

  8. what a great collection of 5s

  9. I also collect 5's because my husband is the 5th of 8 kids in his family and because he and I have 3 kids making us a family of 5. You found some really neat ones!


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