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Rockin' the Rose Rock

Well we spent our
first night
at the new house
last night.
We are very tired.
Moving is very hard work.
My front room is a
of boxes and
All of it destined for
other rooms, but
sitting patiently
waiting for my summer
to begin
in one more day.
I will have to rest up for a
day or two
I will get my nose to the
or in this case...
rose stone.
The picture (taken with my phone)
is actually a little
rock medallion doo-dad
on my garage.
Rose rocks
(exactly what they say they are...rocks that look like roses when formed)
are native to
central Oklahoma.
It is also our state rock. (Do you know what yours is??!!)
At my new old house,
we have this quaint
flower basket of
rose rock
above the garage,
and also an original iron fence
with stone columns...that feature
rose rock.
I promise to take a
better pic,
with my real camera.
But for now, I need to rock this last day of school,
so I can begin to
work on the
Rose Rock Place.

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  1. Rose rock is barite, isn't it? I came through Hennessey yesterday, but I think school was out. Next time you're there, would you take a picture of that oil patch painting on the side of the building downtown? Pretty cool!
    But I like your rose rock palace better!


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