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100 Things I LOVE about America!-The Second 20

Each night as I watch the news, it seems to bring more  distressing news about scandals, hits, terrorism, trauma, drama and greed in America. It hurts to watch it. It hurts to think about it. 

With that in mind, I decided to come up with my own list of why I love America  For the next five Mondays I will write 20 things I love about America. None of them are monumental or earth-shattering; but they do make me remember what sets America apart from the rest of the world and makes our freedoms so great.

100 Things I LOVE About America
The Second 20---Traditions:
1. Uncle Sam--No matter how Uncle Sam's image has changed
over the years,
he still 'wants us'.  His image
draws us and helps us 
remember why it is important
to defend our freedom.

2. Thanksgiving-
Clearly a very American holiday.
We celebrate it with family and friends
and those we hold dear.
Just the name of the holiday holds special meaning.

3. Friday Night Lights--Or in other words
High School Football Fridays.
I realize at some high schools football has become
a business...almost.
But in many small towns it is still
pure, raw, innocence of
high school boys
meeting on the gridiron
to outdo the other team.
There is absolutely nothing like it.

4. Christmas Trees
I grew up going to hunt our 
own tree
on our family farm each year.
They were always cedar
and I always thought they were beautiful.
I still think Christmas trees are beautiful,
I just don't use cedar anymore!
There is magic as soon as
the lights are turned on.

5. Cowboys--
I love cowboys in their boots and hats.
I love cowboys in their Wranglers.
I love cowboys that have big belt buckles that
stand for something important in their lives.
I love cowboys that can spin a yarn,
cowboys that can sing,
and cowboys that love their animals.
I love the cowboy legend and how
important they have been throughout America's history.

6. Gideon's Bibles--Really, what other country can you 
go to and just know you can find a Bible
in the nightstand at the motel/hotel 
where you are staying?
I still have my Gideon's Bible I got in 5th grade.

7. The Super Bowl--Yes, it has become unbelievably
But there is still something about the fact
that as Americans we gather around
the TV, 
hold parties,
dress up,
yell at the TV
all over a piece of pigskin and a bunch
of very well paid athletes!

8. Sale Barns and Auctions
I grew up going to Cattle Sale Barns with 
my grandfather to sell and/or buy
I loved the sights, sounds...and some of the smells!
I also went with my mom to lots of auctions.
I caught the auction bug early.
I love the fact you have to have patience
to get what you really want!

9. Church Bells on a Sunday morning...
Again, this could be a small town thing,
but I love hearing church bells ring out
on Sunday mornings,
as they welcome all parishoners
to come and worship
the Lord.

10. Soap Operas---The TV kind!
These are becoming almost obsolete! Did
you think you would ever see that day?
The soap operas are so corny and contrived,
but somehow they manage to hook
millions of Americans.
Perhaps it is because after watching
you feel so much better 
about yourself and
your own family!

11. Swimming
I love to swim. I would swim every single
day of my life if possible.
 When summer comes and the pools 
people come from everywhere to swim,
cannonball, swan dive and belly flop.

12. Cheering for the Underdog...
In America we love a hero.  But even more than
a hero,
we love the Underdog to come out
on top,
to defy all odds,
to show us their mettle,
to remind us that
anything is possible...in America!

13. Pow Wows--In Oklahoma our state is 
rich in
Indian culture.
My parents took me to the Pawnee Pow Wows
for as long as I could remember.
If you have never been to one,
I suggest you add it to your 'bucket list'.
The sights, sounds, drama, regalia, tradition and 
heritage is rich.
The costumes all have meaning.
Each dance has its own meaning.
And the drum, the central part of the Oklahoma pow-wows,
holds meaning.
You will come away glad to have seen true Native American culture.

14. Groud Hog Day--
Does anyone really believe if the
ground hog sees his shadow 
that we will have 6 more weeks of winter?
Yet, every single February 2nd we all talk about it.
Did he see his shadow?  Did we escape the wrath of 
more winter?

15. New Year's Eve countdown..
Whether it is watching Dick Clark (and feeling so sad for him now)
going to your own party,
popping fireworks,
watching TV as the New Year rings in across
our America's time zones,
there is something magical
about starting 
a new year.
A new beginning. Again.

16. The Noon Whistle--
I grew up in a town that rang the Noon Whistle
every single day at noon.
You could plan your day by it.
You could set your watch by it. (literally!)
But you just knew that every single day
the noon whistle would blow.
(For those of you that have no clue, the local fire department
would blow the fire whistle every day at exactly
12 (noon).
The town where I now teach does that too.
It makes me smile each day.

 17. Waiting on the leaves to change color...
We know it is coming,
and each day we scan the trees
in our yards,
on our commutes,
as we go hither and yon,
and we are so excited to see
the golds, reds, oranges, crimsons,
yellows, browns and faded greens
of the fall leaves.
The town we moved from was the 
"City of Beautiful Maples".
You cannot even imagine the beauty
we experienced each fall.
God reminds us in wonderful ways
of his miracles.
18. Our Armed Forces.
No matter what America is going through.
No matter whether it is peace time or
war time.
No matter how others treat them,
we still have 
men and women
that volunteer
to serve our country,
keep us free,
keep us strong.
Our debt to them
will never be paid.

19. Volunteers-
Americans are quick to 
lend a hand
help others out
give the shirts off their backs.
When we know others are
in trouble
we arrive in droves.
We will do anything
for anyone,
or any country.
Americans give.
They give 
time and money.
Americans are generous...
to a fault!

20. Prayer
Prayer is an important part
of daily life.
We have the freedom to pray
as we like,
when we like.
We pray before meetings, ballgames,
school days and
We pray that
we can continue to 
live in a country
that we love.

Next Monday my third part of 
"100 Things I LOVE about America".
Part 3 will be
"Sounds and Smells".
Last week's first 20, 
Places I love in America
can be found here.


  1. Good for you. I like your list and hope to see more. Good for you.

  2. Neat post! There are so many great things about America!

  3. I love your WHAT I LOVE posts. Too many blogs whine and gripe and go on about what people hate. Thanks for being upbeat!
    Confession: I've never been to a pow-wow. Can you believe it? Ten miles from pow-wowing town, twenty from another and not once. I have seen Indians dance at the Pawnee Bill Show though.
    BTW: Sadly, your hometown no longer has a daily noon whistle. Sad, isn't it? I think it's broken. Either that or the fire chief can't tell time.


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