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Who Is Coming To Dinner?

I was recently gifted with two presents from my mother-in-law. She is on a cleaning out and purging mood and I was lucky enough to get her give-aways. 

 One of the gifts was this very large copper sieve. For years it hung over her fireplace. (Actually you will see the copper wire that hung the sieve in a few of the pictures if you look close enough. I keep forgetting to cut it off.) 

 She also gave me a large set of amber colored glasses in various styles. They are old-school heavy and beautiful. 

 I had a few of the children coming by for dinner so I used some of my antique Jewel Tea dishes, some of my Better Homes and Gardens/Wal-Mart-a-few-years-ago dishes and various fall cloth napkins to set the table with my new glasses and copper pot. 
 Oh I have plenty of dishes to set the whole table in all Jewel Tea or all Wal-Mart Better Homes, but I love the mismatch of the various patterns. They all have the same jewel hues which makes it lovely. 

 I filled the bottom of the copper sieve with dried moss and then literally just piled odds and ends of Fall decor in the (very big) pot. 

 I used a Ralph Lauren paisley tablecloth I bought a TJ Maxx a few years ago. I just folded it to become a table runner. It is one of my favorites because it is so classic and matches everything. I used (fake suede) leaf placemats. I positioned each leaf at a different angle so it would look like leaves that randomly fell, and not so uniform. 

 Actually, it is just a simple family-style table, set with bits and pieces that have been used through the years. The newest things on the table are the Wal-Mart plates and they are a few years old. 
I just noticed the green goblets on the table. I thought about those, then decided on the gold glasses. I had not taken them off yet when I snapped the photo. Hmm!

 Two different sizes of the gold glasses were used on the table. 
 I am also still using the candles I bought at Hobby Lobby several years ago. If you have read for a while, you know the story. ...Just in case....I came across 30+ candles with the monograms of Z, Q, and X. Most were electric candles and a few real candles. The best part is that they were $1.  I immediately grabbed them up, knowing I could redo them. I covered all the unwanted monograms in various fall decor and used them for my son's rehearsal dinner two years ago. I've continued to use them throughout the house during the fall season. This is the third year I've used them to decorate, plus the rehearsal dinner. I'd say I definitely got my money's worth from them. In fact, I'm still using the same batteries in the electric ones. 

 I kept extra plates on the table for salads, desserts or small helping of "seconds"!

 I love all the different textures in the big copper pot. I think that is what makes it look so nice. 

Is there anything better than family pieces, cool weather, a warm meal and children home to visit? 
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  1. Beautiful! It was nice to meet your family. Apparently you all have the gene for creating lovely decor!

  2. No...really NOTHING better :) What a beautiful table and lovely gifts to receive and put to good use!

  3. Oh what a wonderfully beautiful table to share with your family! I can just hear the laughter that was shared! I just love the amber glassware and the copper sieve. Thank you for sharing!

  4. A lovely table and what precious gifts. That sieve will be used again and again!

  5. ooh the copper piece is stunning. You lucky gal. That and amber glasses.. you must feel like you are on cloud nine. the table is just beautiful. Mixing up the dishes certainly makes a very interesting table.. just beautiful.. xo marlis


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