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I Need More Hours in my Day and More Days in my Week!

When we made the decision to move back to our home state of Oklahoma four and a half years ago, 
we left behind a million friendships we had made from our almost 20 years of living in northeast Kansas.
It was a very hard decision to make, to leave everything behind
and start all over again, with new jobs, another house, and a HUGE move. 
Then I put together a post like this and I am reminded all over again
why we made the right decision. 

 I cannot even begin to think of myself living five or six hours away from this little girls that has stolen our hearts!  Sometimes living an hour away from her is too much! 

 Besides family things, I also used the cooler weather to bake.
I made a gianormous candy-corn cake (in looks only, not taste.)

 I used the cooler weather to have an excuse to make a turkey dinner on Saturday evening as well. We like turkey at our house anytime. 

 Two different days over the past few weeks we have gone wedding dress shopping for Annie. She thinks she found the one she LOVES.  
 This is it. With some other things done. She is having the train extended another foot (or two???). She is having a blush underlay (which is like a champagne color) put under all that tulle. The belt (you have to look closely) will also be the blush color. She is having sparkles put all over the tulle as well. You have to know Annie to appreciate it....(the more bling the better!) In this picture the dress had been hung up on the rack and the tulle was all smashed. On the "real" dress it will be fluffy and wonderful. Annie is happy. 
 Taylor tried on a bridesmaid dress. We did not pick this one, but I thought I would include Taylor in the post as well. Annie's wedding is blush and champagne colors. We are still on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. (With the more bling the better mantra in mind!!) 

 A couple of weeks ago I went to a baby shower for my niece Libby. The theme was "tailgating", since it was held on a Saturday afternoon. Most Okies are glued to their TV's or actually at their respective favorite college on Saturday afternoons cheering on their teams, so a tailgating party was perfect. (Our team had a bye week, so we were good! ha!) 
 The hostess had the cutest party. There were pendants with the baby's name (Sullivan) all over the yard. She served chili dogs and Frito-chili pies in the Frito bags. Then of course the cute cupcakes were a hit. There were popcorn and peanuts on all the tables too. 
 Then there were these cute little flower pots that held mums. The hostess painted the flower pots to look like a football. Everything was very cute. 

 Two weeks ago we went to an engagement party for Annie and her beau. I will do an entire post on the party soon. It was extra-lovely. Annie got lots of fun presents and so many people came to wish the couple well. 

 Of course Leightyn was at the engagement party dressed in her leopard print finery! 

 One Friday we were off of school and Leightyn came up for me to babysit. I bought a walker for her and she was all over with our wooden floors. She had a great day and left very tired! 

 This past weekend we held a surprise 75th birthday party for my dad. (Can you tell Leightyn is always the center of attention?) 
 We are Scottish (Ferguson) and my boys all got kilts for the party. My Dad thought that was the bombdiggity. Luke (with the hat) has the plaid that most resembles the Ferguson plaid. Fielding (with the tie) has a plaid that represents firemen. Coulter's plaid is the Scottish National plaid. The tag that came with the kilts said, "If you wear underwear, it is a skirt. Real men wear kilts." Ha! Luke put a pair of underwear in his sporran (purse) and kept telling people he had them "just in case".  Really, they were all gentlemen and actually wore running shorts under their kilts. I thought they were cute (and I know I am not prejudiced at all!!)

 My Mom has fun at any party there is. My Dad is not big on parties. They are complete opposites. I think on Sunday though, they both had a great time. 

I said our family picture could be a Merry Christmas card picture. It is hard to get everyone together at the same time. So Merry Christmas!

We actually had someone come over and take a picture of the entire family so we would have everyone in it. Sullivan (my nieces son-to-be) is due in less than a month, so the picture will be outdated very quickly. I guess that is what happens with a growing family. 

We had people send us memories of my Dad and we put the letters and notes and tons of photographs in a book for him for his birthday. My sister did all the layout on Shutterfly. The book is actually very thick. Our goal was to have 75 people send in memories and we got more than that. The cover of the book was also very much what the invitation looked like. 

 My Dad looked through the book and read every single page. Several times. I think we found a present that he actually liked!! 

 I told him we needed to call the fire department for all the candles. It took three cakes to hold all the candles! He blew them all out with ease. I told him it was pretty good for an old man. 
 We had chocolate cake, German chocolate cake (my Dad's favorite) and caramel cake (my VERY favorite). We had them shipped in from a bakery in Mississippi that we love. Oh my gosh the goodness! 
The pictures are just a small sampling of the past three weeks of my life. Without a doubt, we needed to be back in Oklahoma around our children and extended family. The days are busy, busy, busy, but it is the very best kind! 


  1. Lo,
    I wish I had known about the memory book for your dad. I have lots of memories of Larry and the fun we had as kids. It was nice to see the pics of the party! Looks like it was fun.

    1. Oh my gosh Lisa. I wish I would have known! Write whatever you want to and email me and I'll include it in Part II. We are finding some people we missed as well as others that got their stories in late. So, it'snot too late for you! Lo

  2. Lauralli10/14/2012

    Hi Lori--
    It's been so long! I do keep up with your posts, just haven't written in a while! How about those Sooners today? When I read this post title, I thought, no, she just needs what I always say---I need an extra day once in a while that no one else has! I haven't gotten it though! I just LOVE seeing the pictures of little miss Leightyn! I need one of those! But it needs to wait a while seeing how my oldest is just a freshman in college! Keep those posts coming!

    1. HI!! It was SO nice to hear from you. I too think of you often, but my life is so hectic....and I am getting old! I use to be able to go a million miles a day in a dozen different directions. Now it is all catching up with me! Finally, my beloved Sooners did well. (It's about time!) I hold my breath every week when they play. Yes, we are having so much fun with Miss Leightyn. She is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Of course, how could she not be? We all think she is extra special. My boys spoil her more than my girls do. Coulter has even babysat for her alone for an entire day (and more than once). Fielding told me on Saturday if they have another baby they like the name Landry. (YEAH!!!) Lieghtyn and Landry sound cute together. I am out of school on Friday and am keeping Leightyn that day. I told Fielding to pack up Lei Lei's pumpkin clothes so we could go and take some great fall pics. She is so mobile now, I will definitely need help! Thanks for still reading. I wonder if anyone ever does! LL


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