"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain



Just a little
(also known as nothing interesting to say).
I have noticed that blogging,
like most hobbies,
takes discipline.
Once you skip a day
or two
or eight,
it is hard to get back in the groove.

 Because by then
you feel like there is probably
not one more person 
out there 
that cares to see 
another pumpkin.
Or mum.
Even if they are in your oldest's sons 
old Radio Flyer...(and he is only a few months away from (UGH) 30!!!)
 And you are also quite sure that
will notice how much you need to paint
your porch floor.
Or that you really need to buy some
hay and prop up your cute little pumpkin
so that it can be seen more.
 Not to mention that 
everyone in Blogland
has cutsie wreaths on their doors
and you pulled out
an old (one-legged) scarecrow
tattered pumpkin
and random flowers from
many places and various years ago.
 ...Then had the audacity to throw 
them together...
In a little metal bucket sleeve that says
on the other side!!!

Then I took you to the
other side 
of the front door,
where the floor is equally 
as ugly.
BUT the good news is that it will be
painted soon,
as we are having a party on the 29th
of the month,
and that is one item we intend to 
check off. 

 And what about 
the fact
that I totally forgot
until I came outside 
to take the pictures,
that I never did 
go back
and plant those
pretty pansies!
I will go do that shortly!

 And have I ever mentioned 
The House
stood empty
for almost three years
while it sat 
in foreclosure,
before we got it?

 And it sits on a big 
corner lot
in a historic district,
where a trolley-full-of-lookers
goes by 
many times a day.

 I feel compelled to decorate 
both sides 
that face roads,
as well as our back 
garage area
back fence.

 Especially when the neighbors
walk by 
on the sidewalk
and tell me
that they are glad
we moved in
brought the 
house back to life.
That makes me a
happy pumpkin!

I guess in fact that 
the fall decor
represents me well.
Old and tired!!!
And discolored pumpkins with warts!
But it brightens up the
(literal) corner of my world...
and gave me something to
blablabla about,
so that I would get back 
to blogging!
It's almost the middle of the week!


  1. You tell the best tales. Your home is lucky to have you. Such nice decorations.
    I know what you mean about how tough it is to keep it up or get back in the writing swing. I find it especially hard because I work 10 hour days. I would write about things if I had any time to go and do them. Lol.

  2. Ha Ha!! I could have written this post myself I relate to it so much! I'll go on the record that I'm not tired of seeing pumpkins and fall decor yet, especially since I'm just putting mine up myself.

    I love the way you used the old wagon!


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