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Dumpster Diva puts on her Fall Fashions!

I tell myself this is RIDICULOUS!
I have fall throughout my home...
I take the pictures....
Then I do nothing with them.
Then the Dumpster Diva 
made me feel guilty.
So guilty that I 
took the time to post 
pictures of her.
Do you remember when 
in the dumpster at work
in this (naked) condition?

This is what she looked like
after she was dressed in her
late summer attire.
She was decked out in aqua, silver, lace and crystal.
She looked beautiful.

Last year my mom gave me her set of
Jewel Tea dishes.
The Jewel Tea dishes were first introduced
in 1933 outside of Chicago.
Each year new pieces were added to the collection.
When I was a young girl my mom 
bought a set of the Jewel Tea at an auction.
It has probably 175-200 pieces in it.
She paid very little.
I always loved the dishes.
They were kind of like
Ugly Duckling beautiful.
Since I loved them, they became mine.
I have used them throughout the new (old) house
this fall.
You can see a few of them in 
Miss Dumpster Diva.

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  1. This is simply gorgeous! I saw that very pattern at the antique mall last week. I loved it but was was just window shopping that day.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2011

    I think Sister Debbie has a set of those dishes. (She's a dish-aholic like you!)
    They are absolutely beautiful! So glad you have them AND take time to enjoy them. (Deb does, too.)
    Tell DD (aka Taylor) she did a great job. What a girl!

  3. I love your dumpster diva. I have been looking for one of those in a good size and not too expensive. I love how you filled it.

  4. You styled these so beautifully, they just say fall!

  5. Beautiful. We have some of these dishes from my hubby's grandmother. I love how you have everything displayed. What a wonderful post.

  6. Beautiful!! Jewel Tea is sucha pretty pattern and perfect for this season!!


  7. Sooooooo pretty. Why can't I ever find anything like that in a dumpster? I have 'dumpster envy'. LOL! Love those dishes. You're quite fortunate to have 'inherited' them.

  8. Wow, This is so pretty! I hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  9. So pretty...those dishes are perfect for Fall!!

  10. Very nice. I love the dishes. It all looks so lovely for Fall. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  11. Yes, I remember the caddy your daughter found and I love how you have dressed it up for Fall. Thank you for sharing this beautiful vignette at the Open house Party.

  12. Well, not super but it is super cute work. This is gorgeous. I saw this same pattern at the antique mall last week. I plan to buy that from online market, you remind my shopping days.


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