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Family Matters

As an English teacher, I love the play on words the title of the post conveys. Yes, I am writing about family matters, and most importantly family does MATTER!!  

My brother turned 50 (as you can clearly see) a few weeks ago, and his daughter threw a surprise party for him before we all headed to Norman for the ballgame. His daughter Libby used a Pinterest idea for the big 50 made out of pictures. She simply made black and white copies of old photos of her dad and shaped them like a 50. The photos were fun to look at, and the wall was very popular the entire party. Libby was good about including people that were at the party in the photos with my brother. That kept everyone entertained as they found themselves amongst the pictures. Luckily, not one person had aged a day! ha!

My 50 year old brother with his three favorite women: his daughter Libby, his wife and our mother. This is the brother that did the wonderful I Love Lucy tablescape

A few weeks ago my daughters and nieces got together at our house for "Craft Afternoon". Of course there was some eating involved too.
They made tiles into coasters using pictures, scrapbook paper and rubber stamps. My seven year old niece Caroline is very creative. Plus, she has no idea she is 17 to 20 years younger than her cousins! She keeps right up with them.

The (older) girls had a bunch of parties they were invited to, and wanted to take little hostess gifts with them. Plus, they crafted for themselves as well. 

This is a relatively inexpensive idea that produces mass amounts of product. It actually is fun for all ages and so easy to do. We used family photos we had copied off. In one case we even copied an old patch from a letter jacket. The girls had a fun time and want to do a Christmas batch in a few weeks. 

Make a pizza or two. Cook up a pot of chili. Have the cousins, or the sisters, or the aunts...or all your relatives over for an afternoon of crafting...before the holidays become too hectic! Because.........family matters.........


  1. I really love their coasters. I have an oddball little love of making tile coasters. I have a house full of them. You have given me some GREAT ideas!

  2. Looks like a great idea, Lori. I want to give it a try, but I need instructions. More, please!


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