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"Halo" to My Newly Painted Walls.....

On Saturday morning I got up and started taping off the fireplace, all the doors and windows in our living room.  This is how it looked early Saturday morning.  

The blue in the living room, while not a blue I preferred,  was a liveable blue, just not my favorite. With that in mind, painting the room was not at the top of my "Things To Do At The New (Old) House" list. (I had things like a new kitchen on the top of that list!!) But after work (and then concession stand duty) on Friday, the Hubs and I stopped and bought paint for the living room. We did it on a whim. I love whims!!!

There are a lot of doors and windows (and one big fireplace) to tape off in that room! Don't let the picture deceive you. The blue was a robins egg/baby boy nursery blue. There was no aqua to be found in it whatsoever. 

I used lots of green frog tape. It was my first time to use it. I thought when I was buying (three rolls in different sizes) that the tape was a little expensive. BUT after taping so much off, then removing all that tape when finished, I will say it is the BEST stuff I have ever used. It went on and came off SO easily. It did not pull off any paint and no paint got under it. I love it.....And you sure can't miss the bright green!

I did all the taping, because both of my daughters, two sons, and one boyfriend-of-a-daughter helped Hubby and me paint.  This is the boyfriend-of-the-daughter getting the high parts.

No, this is not my daughter trying to hide from the camera. She was trying to paint behind the big armoire. I told her the shirt she wore that said "VOLUNTEER" on the back was very apropos!!  (Maybe it should have said "FORCED")!

Finally, my son that is the strongest human I know, bent down, lifted it up and moved the armoire forward. Then he did the other side. He is a beast. Really. 

Some how I did not get pictures of the other worker-bees. In this picture though, you can clearly see the blue on the right hand side and the new color on the left side of the armoire. It was looking so new and fresh at this point.

I then removed all that frog-green tape.......

........And then I sat down on the couch and just looked at the fresh newly painted walls. I just loved it.
I was happier than a pig in mud.

The color I picked to paint the walls was HALO from Benjamin Moore. I got the color from the dining room of For the Love of a House blog. Believe me, anything copied from her house is going to be perfectly lovely. 

Then after school one day this week we bought blinds for the room. I also found a cute little owl (notice in the bowl).
I bought white plantation blinds and was actually able to find them to fit these big old windows.
It was meant to be....(I always tell myself that if I really want to find a reason to buy something! ha!)

I added a few pictures on the wall. I will put more on as I find the perfect ones. I am in no rush. (But I thought I was in no rush to paint the room too!!!) I love the light walls with the dark floors. 

I will have to say that most people that came over thought the blue walls were lovely. So now, the lighter "halo" walls are just "fine too". I am probably the only one gasping at the loveliness of the new color.....!!!

That's okay with me though..... 
There is a sign I see on Pinterest all the time that says, "Happier than a bird with a french fry".... Well, now I sit on my couch and love the dark floors, the light walls, the white blinds, the fall touches throughout and  say that I am  "Happier than an owl with a french fry!" 

I have Fall Break at school this weekend. So it is a four-day weekend. 
Believe me... I have big plans on my "To Do" list...and on that "On A Whim" list too!

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  1. I know that feeling of 'happier than a bird with a French fry'. Changing the color of a room just sends me over the moon! Your color looks wonderful - I'll have to check it out. Living in Colorado, I only get to Nell Hill's once a year (maybe); but it is always fun to go. I haven't been to Atchison for a couple of years - those are my favorites of her stores. My son is a high school teacher, so we hear the woes of working the concession stand - teachers are way, WAY underpaid for everything they do. Hats off to you! Saly

  2. Aw, man. I liked the green stripe all around the room. When I saw it I thought, "That girl KNOWS what she likes! Good for her!!!"
    Then you ripped it off.
    Think about putting it back (or painting it on.) Remember the much revered Eskimo proverb--"If you aren't the lead dog, the view is always the same."
    Oh, well. It's gorgeous anyway!

  3. The blue wall color made your interior look relaxing. ;) I had that color in my living room, and it was relaxing to the eye. We already repainted ours with yellow to make it look more fun and vibrant. BTW, I love the ceiling light!

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