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Drum Roll.......... and a Drum Shade!

I have been busy at home and at school.  Besides my regular teaching duties, I have mentioned a time or two or twelve that I have also been in charge of concession stand duties for all middle school and high school football games. No, it was not my choice, but just one of those "extras" that comes with teaching. It has consumed SO much of my free time this fall. Well, drum roll please............This is my last week of concession stands!!

Then there is the work we have been doing at The House.  This is a picture of the dining room the week we bought the house. Since then we have redone all the floors, moved all the furniture and fun stuff in, and last week we replaced the light fixture. Yes, heartbreaking to part with the shiny-faux-brass-way-too-small-for-the-room-light-fixture.

I  bought a simple-yet-classic drum shade. It is a lot bigger and fits the scale of the room very well.

Even the shadows it casts are uber-cool!

No matter how it looks in the pictures, the drum shade is a cream linen. It is prettier than it looks in my (lame) pictures.

Drum roll and drum shades!!  My plan is to get back to doing fun house projects now that my hot-dog selling days are coming to a close. I'll probably begin with the 25 boxes of shades I ordered for the upstairs windows..................In the meantime, I'm 'drumming' up some ideas!!

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