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The Family Jewels....TEA!! Jewel Tea dishes of course!!

Really. I promise. I will not make every single post this fall about my Jewel Tea dish (gift) collection.
I did tell you that I had LOTS of plates. I have them in three different sizes as well. I think that has something to do with the fact the company came out with new dishes to collect each year. The plates in the front are from Nell Hill a couple of years ago.
I was at a fun vintage market last weekend and I bought the chicken feeder.  There was all kinds of fun things at the market. Ironically, I bought this from my friend that found the globes and 5's for me. It works out perfect for my large collection of plates. I am anxious to see if my mom will think the display is a 'cool' as I do!  She will look at it and remember all the chickens she had to feed growing up, I suspect!
Yes, I did clean it first. (My son asked me that.)
During the summer I stacked some of my Blue Willow in this cute little 3-tiered rack. I have also used the rack to hold desserts and lots of cupcakes. Don't you love versatile pieces that don't have to be put away in the closet all the time?
I got the chocolate colored cake stand for $1 at one of Nell Hill's warehouse sales. The 'plate' had come apart from the stand. I grabbed the pieces up and super-glued them as soon as I got home. I have used it for years.....for desserts and as a mini dessert plate stand!
I also told you I have lots of Jewel Tea mixing bowls. I have lots of JT serving bowls and lots of different sizes of casserole dishes....all with lids. You can see a small one on the left. In the background are the Better Home and Garden leaf dishes I bought at Wal-Mart last year. I bought eight of them because I knew they would mix well with my JT. I wish I had bought more, they are so colorful and pretty. I did think to get a place mat and napkins to match them.
The gold goblet in the background is also Better Homes and Gardens. The little cup in front is a two-handled soup bowl. They are so cute. The bowls in the back are small and heavy. I love the size of them. I presume they are some type of dessert bowl. I know, I know. I probably need to look all this stuff up and be on top of things!
I cleared one of my china hutches out of my usual display and filled it back up with part of the JT dishes. Every time I walk by it I think it looks so festive and seasonal. Now I KNOW my mom will like this display!!!
And don't think we just sit these dishes out and then forget about them. We have been using them for several weeks and will continue to use them every day till Thanksgiving. What's the point of having all these if I didn't put them to good use? That's the best part of having the collection.....That we get to enjoy it every single day in the fall.
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  1. Wow seeing that pattern brought up memories! My Mom has two bowls in that pattern...although they are a bit tired having been used for years! Who knew they would be a collectible! Love the chicken feeder for a plate rack..now that's what I call inventive!

  2. WOW you have an amazing collection...My mother, may she rest in peace...also had an AMAZING collection of jewel T...I have a very few of her pieces....I wish they could have all stayed together...but myself along with my siblings all wanted a part of her cherished collection that was filled with such great memories that involved delicious food and family gatherings....I too use mine all fall....Enjoy the leaves...

  3. What a great collection. I'm glad you USE the dishes, not merely display them.

  4. Fantastic fall post!Your collection is really great and beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Love your collection. My grandmother had Jewel T and I have started collecting in her honor. Just have a few pieces so far, but love using them this time of year!


  6. You know, you really should share some of your goodies. Or your shopping secrets. Or your mom.
    I'll take any of the above!

  7. Since my name is Jewel, I really love your Jewel Tea dishes. Love how you have them displayed in that beautiful china hutch!

  8. You do have a great collection of them. i have a few pieces of my mother's --

  9. Such a nice collection of a classic!

  10. Beautiful dishes and they look wonderful in the cabinet. Thank you for linking to the Open House party this week.

  11. I love those dishes! If I had some they would be front and center for display just like you have done. Sincerely, they make one of the prettiest fall displays I've seen in blogland.

  12. i too am a jewel T nut. my grandmother ran a "homing house" in the 20s. she left me all her JT dishes. i love them for more reasons than you can count. thank you for sharing your collection with me.

  13. Hi, Thanks for coming by to visit and leaving your sweet comment about my first tablescape. Come back and visit when you can. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Your collection is very impressive!

  15. Oh I like your jewels. I have a complete set of my mothers. she got hers years ago of course

    she always used it for thanksgiving and family birthday dinners. I have added several pieces to it

  16. Jewel Tea is perfect for Autumn meals. Great collection. Happy mew follower from Farmhouse Friday.

  17. I just started collecting JT Autumn Leaf and am in LOVE! I can't wait to get a china cabinet to display them seasonally the way you have.


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