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Aw Shucks!!!

When pulling things out to decorate with for fall, I have to include my corn cookie jar.  My mom let me have this, as it was put away in a closet at her house.

The whole time I was growing up I remember this cookie jar sitting tucked in a corner of the kitchen counters. It was almost ALWAYS filled with cookies.  I have taken the lid off that piece of corn a million times.
Once she got the 'new' kitchen there was a 'new' cookie jar and this one was put away. I saw it the other day and my mother was glad to send it to a new home.
What great memories...and a pretty cute decoration for fall too!


  1. Anonymous10/14/2010

    You're pretty corny these days.

  2. Awwww....such sweet memories! I can remember the glass candy jar that my mom used to keep M&M's in. When we kids were good while she was on the phone, she'd give us each a little metal measuring cup with a handful of candy in it. :)

    xoxo laurie


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