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Tell All Tuesday-Food

I hate food waste. I really, really hate food waste. 
I guess it is my practical side winning out.
It might be from having so many kids....
and all their friends....
and sometimes friends of their friends....
but there was hardly ever waste.
So now, when it is just the two of us
(the Hubs and myself),
or just a few of us,
things tend to pile up in the fridge.
Little bits of this and that.
Too much to throw away, 
but not enough for a meal.
With the weather still slightly cool
in the evenings, 
it is the perfect time for omelets.
Every ten days or so I will check to see if there 
are any good leftovers.
I whip up an omelet
and add in the leftovers.
Really. It is better than you think!
We have had taco omelets, ham and cheese omelets,
various cheese combo omelets,
spicy omelets,
vegie omelets,
shrimp omelets
and potato omelets.
Quite the smorgasbord of 
of treats.
They are a trifecta of goodness tho:
1. the leftovers are used up
2. they are super fast and easy to make
3. the variety is endless.
Eggs. It's whats for dinner!

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