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Mini Mini Mallows...

I promise the flowers were BEHIND the hot chocolate and not growing out the top!
A year ago today we had quite a big snow (big for us in Oklahoma anyway). What a difference a year can make! We have been sporting temps in the 60's for day time highs most of the winter this year. 
Nevertheless, at the least little hint of chill,
I love hot chocolate.
I like to get it at a convenience store nearby 
that has the bombdiggity 
in hot chocolates.
And they have mini mini 
marshmallows to add to the top.
I have asked often if they would 
let me buy a container of them...
but they never let me.
Then again, 
why would I really need to buy them,
when I only drink hot chocolate
from their store...
Because it is really the bombdiggity...
and so much better than even the 
homemade kind.
Then last week while I was 
grocery shopping at
Wally World
I found these.
The exact little 
mini mini
Only these were in a much cuter container.
they had pink ones too,
but they were peppermint and
I am not 
a peppermint girl.
(They were really cute tho!)
So I did what any 
brilliant girl would do.
I bought a jar of them.
Then I stopped at 
the bombdiggity convenience store
and bought a hot chocolate.
Then I brought it home
and added 
my own
mini mini
from the colorful container. 
You've got to go and 
get yourself 
some of these.
The possibilities are endless!


  1. I bought these a couple of weeks ago and wanted to blog about them. I too would try to wrangle a package from resturants or quickie stops! So, funny! I wanted to blog about my great find but thought one one would enjoy my find! Thanks for sharing! Its been crazy warm here in neighboring Missouri too! I'm still having the cocoa with my marshmallows!

  2. Hhhmmmmm, I was so excited that I was repeating myself! Yikes! See how out of control happy I was?

  3. Oh I have to have them cuz I've been drinking hot chocolate out of my Keurig lately. If I can't find them, then I guess I'm on my way to Oklahoma for some:)


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