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Mixed Bag and Mixed Table

We're having what the weatherman calls a 
"mixed bag of weather". 
Our no-winter-in-Oklahoma-this-year has continued
until this week and some
(mildly) cold air has moved in.

Supposedly, we are to get a taste of winter this weekend.
With that "mixed bag" of weather looming,
I decided to set the table accordingly.

I guess you could call it a
"mixed table" of elements.
I used a 
wool tartan throw
as my base.
I am always a sucker for a good plaid.
I paired the throw/tablecloth
with a double set of napkins.
I used another plaid in similar colors and 
topped it with crisp white linen napkins.
I love the contrast of the wool throw and the crisp linen.
I also used a big antique glass pitcher
filled with red tulips
to add to the "mixed bag" effect.
Then I put a bunch of blue and white
creamers and gravy boats
in a wooden box and
set it in the middle of the table.
Adding to that 
"mixed bag" effect further
is the fact that I used
various blue and white tablewear.
I also used pieces of 
Blue Willow that are over 100 years old
and pieces that are less than 10 years old.
It's a tablescape perfect for that
"Is it winter?"
 Or "a very early spring?"

The elements
(both inside and outside!)
lead us in both directions!

I think 
"mixed bags" 
of table elements
might be one of my favorite
ways to tablescape!

I made sure each place setting had 
a goblet for sweet tea
and a mug for hot tea.

You just never know
in this
"mixed bag"!

I hope whatever you 
are doing this weekend,
you are able to enjoy
a "mixed bag" of loveliness!
Sharing this with the Tartan Parade for all Mad for Plaid lovers!
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  1. Love your mixed bag tablescape, the blue & white dishes look fab against the deep rich plaid.
    Enjoy the Tartan Parade!

  2. I love the contrast of the cool blue and white with the rich warm red plaid! We are having that mixed weather right now. The trees are in bud and the daffodils are up, but we are having frost at night. Glad to meet you on the tartan parade! Linda

  3. As a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. Your darling post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

    I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:


    Happy Tartan Day!

  4. Beautiful table of mixed bag elements. I often pair my blue willow pieces with a tartan cloth, so I smiled when I saw this gorgeous table. Every detail is delightful. The red tulips say spring. Hope you are moving in that direction. Thanks for sharing in the Tartan Parade. ~ Sarah

  5. Love your mixed bag to celebration Tartan!

    Your blue and white china collection is amazing!

  6. Your table looks great, love the plaid as a tablecloth! Hope Mother Nature was kind to you this weekend:@)

  7. This looks fantastic!
    LOVE your plaid throw as a tablecloth and your red and blue table setting are just gorgeous. I have always loved blue willow and have posted on it before. What is the plate pattern with the swags and urns or loving cups along the edge? So pretty!

    Thanks so much for sharing with the Tartan Parade today!

  8. Loved the tartan plaid combined with the blue and white. Great combination. Sally

  9. How lovely! Love how you mixed the tartan with the blue and white. Looks wonderful! Thanks for linking up to our Tartan Parade! ~Delores

  10. Your blue willow looks gorgeous with the tartan tablecloth and I like the way you displayed the creamers nestled in the Spanish moss, and in the rustic box. Thanks for joining in the Tartan Parade.


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