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Coco and Duck Eggs.....Paint!

Yes, I am still gimping around, but I have found there are plenty of things that a gimpy person can do.

One task I finished while I cannot move around much,
is this huge piece.
Granted, I only had those two bottom drawers (pictured above)
to finish, but I can finally call it DONE!!
(For some reason I never finished the last coat on the two bottom drawers~~~????~~~~)

Back in November my SIL had come over for dinner.
When she arrived, she had with her the following two pieces of furniture:

She had just bought a new huge TV and thought one of my 
college kids
might want her old 'entertainment center' 
to use.
They sat in the front of my garage for a few weeks, till the Hubs put it inside the garage. He absolutely hated the furniture and thought we might just throw it away.
We have a little study on the other side of our den.
It has a small TV in it that I thought might just fit in one of those pieces!.... So....
One day I pulled one of the pieces out and began painting it
ASCP Duck Egg
I figured if all else failed and it was still ugly,
I could still pass it along to one of the kids.
I first cut off this attractive piece.
I just took the saw and cut it right off.
Then I painted both pieces with the Duck Egg.
(I cannot find the pics I took of this step. Just trust me!)
Then I painted over both pieces with 
I had not used that color before.
I wanted something different than the Old White I kept using all the time.
I think using the Coco over the Duck Egg gave it 
a different color, than if just used alone.
I have also been using a different wax than the AS Clear wax.
My usual place was out of the clear wax, so I bought a
Minwax Paste in Natural.
It has just a smidge of color to it,
and it is super easy to use.
Since it has a hint of color,
I haven't been using my AS dark wax either!
I still need to put the rest of the knobs and pulls on this piece.
I did not use the ones that had been on it before,
although I did buy some cheaper knobs and
spray paint them Oil Rubbed Bronze.
I have to get the Hubs or one of the sons to counter-sink some holes for me.
I also need to add beadboard to the back, since I got rid
of the cheap laminate/whateverstuff that had been on there.
And I still need to get my sons to move it
to the other side of the room.
But this afternoon I caught the evening sun 
peaking in and catching the new paint job.
I decided I would snap a few pictures,
even if the piece is not quite finished...
or staged.
Then maybe a few of you will look at those 
bright shiny "wood" pieces from the 
80's and 90's and see new life...
in a can or two of paint!


  1. Wow!! I found you because you linked up just before me over at Between Naps on the Porch. I absolutely love this transformation, you did great!! Love the colors so very much!

  2. OMG!! True!! What a little paint can do to some really ugly furniture!!! (and I mean ugly in a good way!!!)Looks fabulous and I love that cocoa!!! Great job!!

  3. Anonymous2/22/2012

    This is really great. I need to try this on some of my older pieces. Did you sand or strip the wood before you used the ASCP? I have yet to buy/try that paint and I'm curious about the prep required.




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