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March Madness Table Idea for April!

Crazy, isn't it?
How March Madness takes up 
part of April as well?

 For those of you that are die-hard basketball fans, I am posting my ode to the basketball gods with my March Madness table. 
 I used my regular (at the time) kitchen table, a little painters tape, a little electrical tape, a package of stick-on letters and one basketball-crazy son. (Sons are optional in this table idea, but everything else is needed.) 
 After my son made my (at the time) kitchen table into an amazing basketball court, I got to bring in the fun stuff for the actual party. I used Easter basket basketballs to hold some of the things like silverware and napkins. Some of the Easter basket basketballs were nylon and some were felt. All were cute.

 I also took a cheapo basketball and cut it half (right on the seam). I then had two serving dishes for chips. 

 I bought little basketballs out of the party favor aisle at Wal-Mart and had them laying all over the court (table). My cute plates were from the dollar section of Target years ago, but I know you can find cute things at Hob Lob or a party supply store too.
 I used basketball luggage tags tied to the chairs to "star" some of the basketball players from our party. Those name tags are for children's luggage, but can be used for so many other things! (Diaper bags, napkin rings, etc.)
 If you can't find the luggage tags, then you can just tie basketball numbers (address numbers in their other life) to the backs of chairs. You can use the number(s) of your favorite players. 
 The flat basketballs were erasers in the shape of basketballs. All these little balls could go home as party favors as well too. 
 I found some disposable basketball dishes at Hobby Lobby. (Notice the orange suckers in the corner I used too?)
 This was originally a cheap basketball frame from the Dollar store. I renamed all my food dishes with appropriate name and put the menu inside the frame. 
 I even included an old net in my March Madness tablescape. Of course you could buy a new net to use as well!
 Here are the types of tape I used for my "basketball court". And yes, it all came off very easily once March Madness was over. 
 My son Luke was serious about getting this court set up right! He even used a tape measure so it was completely even. I think less trouble could go in to the making of the court, but I will say, my "court" looked very, very good!
 Since I do not have this table anymore in my kitchen, I was trying to think how I could recreate the court and still enjoy some March Madness. Plus those of you that do not have a harvest type table could do the same......This could be recreated easily on a piece of MDF and laid across a kitchen table. Not only that, but a basketball court could be on one side and a football field could be on the other side! 
 Hmmm. I'm thinking I have TWO new jobs for Luke! 
 If you put it on a piece of MDF you could store it and bring it out when needed.....instead of ripping it off of the table at the end of March Madness. 
In fact you could also just put in your favorite team logo somewhere on your "court" or "field". 
In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for all the inexpensive little treasures that can be repurposed to be part of your tablescape.
Anyone need to hire Luke?

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  1. As fellow basketball fanatic, I had to check out your table, and it's too fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a fun table --- thanks for sharing again!

  3. Wow! What a fabulous table. Such a creative way to celebrate March Madness. Love it!

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com


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