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Feeling "Earthy"..............

I was trying to think of a fun way to "celebrate" Earth Day.
My first Earth Day tablescape is still my favorite.
No matter what ideas I thought of, they all seemed to 
copy that table. 

 It finally dawned on me to do a picnic. Not just an outside meal, but a real down-on-the-ground-picnic. I mean how much closer can you get to Mother Earth on Earth Day, than sitting on the ground having a picnic? 
 Not only that, but there were wild flowers everywhere and that just made it better. 
 I surely was not going to use paper products on Earth Day!!!!!!!!  I wanted to at least attempt to be eco-friendly! So I pulled out simple dishes in the same blue tone. 
 I had wicker chargers that I thought were a little "earthy" and some bee napkin rings that seemed to "bee" perfect for an outdoor setting. 
 I threw in some cute eyelet napkins for a little different texture as well. 
 I was using the old Radio Flyer wagon to transport everything, when I realized it might as well be part of the tablescape too!
 I had an old picnic basket and crocks and Ball jars that all carried things for the Earth Day picnic. 
 Come sit a while and enjoy the beautiful spring day. 
 And what is a picnic without an ant? If you look very closely you can see one little ant right beside the charger!
 A double-galvanized pail from Pottery Barn holds the glasses and drinks. 
 And really, what is an Earth Day celebration with an Earth being present?
 And some daisies too? Remember that old (I'm showing my age) commercial (maybe a butter commercial?) where Mother Nature wears a halo of daisies around her head and says, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!!" THAT's why I thought the daisies were the flower of choice! ha! Do you like how my mind works?

The best part about the whole picnic? I got every piece for the picnic out of the dish closet. Nothing is brand new. Wouldn't Mother Earth love that? 
Re-use. Re-cycle. Restore.
 One of my all time favorite quotes. ...Any day of the year.

 And what happened right when we were getting ready to start the picnic?... Well Mr. Abraham, better known as Abe, decided to join the party! Happy Earth Day!
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  1. I LIKE it! (Not being a seasoned table-scaper myself, I'm wondering what was on the menu!) I think the globe is an especially sweet touch...

  2. Love love this picnic!!! The wagon is something I've been wanting to do.. You gave some great ideas. Love the dishes and the chargers!! makes the picnic all the more classy. xo marlis

  3. This is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day!!! Your picnic is fabulous!! So cute!!


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