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Tell All Tuesday--The State of MY Union

Sometimes when I think about what I am going to say on "Tell All Tuesdays", I am just bursting with ideas.  Then when it actually comes down to writing it, I think "Hmmm... maybe not!"  I'm still trying to decide!
Since tonight was the annual "State of the Union" address, I thought I would use that as a little play on words as my own "state of MY union"!

My Hubby and I got married at a very young age.
(None of our children have fallen in our footsteps. Of the five, only Fielding is married and he was 28 when he married.)
I guarantee you that
over half of the people that attended 
our very large wedding,
thought we would never ever last.
A lot of that probably had to do with our age.

We were in college when we got married,
and seriously,
it could not have been more fun.

We had met when we were both very young...
(Like 1st and 2nd grade young!!)
But we would not meet again until high school.
Our parents knew each other, but Hubby lived in the big city and I was the small-town-gal.
He was a fantastic athlete, and I am sure I was drawn to that.
The fact that he is funny, clever
and EXTREMELY kind
made it perfect!

I know I have written many, many times
how sports-minded our lives have been
as we raised the children.
It all started because Hubby and myself 
both played---and loved---sports.
The Hubs played baseball in college and
I was his #1 fan.
Now that the children are 
through with their sporting days,
the Hubs spends hours and hours
playing golf.
That leaves me with hours and hours
to fix up my house
or scour for 
the fun old items I like to decorate with.
I tell him to golf barefoot, but he just won't listen!
There are many ways that we could not be
more opposite.
But when it came down to the principles 
of our marriage,
politics (ha!),
and University loyalty (haha!),
we are dead on!
I say "ha", but 
I guarantee you
that has kept us
from many a fight!
(Notice I did not say 'ha' about religion. That I take seriously.)
Probably one of the 
biggest differences 
between us
is TV.
I could really care less about TV.
My husband could not live without it.
Even for a day.
I read incessantly...anything I can get my hands on.
He could care less about reading.
BUT....I feed his (bad) habit by 
buying bigger TV's, and telling the cable people to 
put boxes all over the place in the new (old) house.
He returns the favor 
by buying me books....or a Nook...or 
building me new computers.
We love to go to 
any kind of ballgame
Even now that we have
no personal involvement,
you can still find us at ballgames
on any given night.

When our oldest first began
extra-curricular activities,
I said then that we should put $1 (apiece) 
in an account 
any time we 
went to any type of children's events.
Then when the youngest graduated,
we would take that money and go 
on a grand vacation...
just the two of us.
Well life got busy, and busier,
and we never did do that!
That would have been one heck of a
(Five children X a kajillion events!!)
What a great idea that would-have-been!
(If you are young and reading this, try that!)
Our daughters were in Ireland when we had these pics taken and the girls are STILL MAD that we took the pics without them!
We have made
a concerted effort
to take a picture 
each year 
on (or close to) 
our wedding anniversary
of our family.
How fun those pictures are to look 
back on
the family growing...
......each year! (a big HA!)

Both of us are 
laid back people.
The Hubs even more so than me.
That makes it easy for both of us.

I will have to say that 
most of the time
I get my way.
But again, in return I have 
made sure that everything 
runs smoothly at home.
It has made for a great team.
I heard...(or probably read)
two quotes that we used and referenced  
many times
through the years.

The first is by Billy Graham's wife, Ruth.
(Paraphrased) "If two people in a marriage
are just alike,
then there is only need 
for one of them."

What wonderful and wise words those are!

And the other is so logical and so true as well.
"Marriage is not about each partner giving 50/50,
it's about each partner giving 100/100."

The state of MY union
is very happy...
and working together
...for the greater good of the whole.
(Too bad the politicians don't do the same!)

We are looking happily forward
to yet another chapter
in our good life.

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  1. I love all your words- I love this state of union report. You are truly blessed. As always thanks for sharing. You are a blessing!
    Your gorgeous also!
    Be blessed!


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