"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Mr. S. C.

I cannot close out my after-Christmas, Christmas-editions without including some of my fat jolly old men.

I emptied the hutch in my den
and loaded it down with some of my
vintage Santa's.

I even have old flashcards taht I put together that say
"Waiting for Santa".
The matting on the picture is wrapping paper.
I also have several buckets with Santa on the front
that I always feel with fresh greenery or poinsettias.

I have enough Santa "things" that I can also fill the huge armoire in my living room.

I read all the anti-Santa chatter
and clearly I am not on board with any of that!

The big Santa in the picture above this was given to me by my Granddad Flanagan. I remember it so well. The Santa is a bank and inside the Santa was a roll of dimes.
I unrolled those dimes and put them in the bank
and thought I was the richest girl on earth.
I want to remember to do those simple little gestures
of love
for my granddaughter (when she gets here!!)

My personal views are that Santa, much like Halloween,
is what we choose to make it.
In my house,
not only do we have Santas everywhere,
we also have the spirit of Santa.
After all, Santa loves everyone,
does not judge (except if you've been naughty!),
and is very giving.
Ever since my kids were little we have taught them about giving.
In our house it was not just "what we could get" from Santa,
but very much
"what we could give, in the spirit of Santa."
No matter where we lived my Hubby and I always made sure
they were involved in giving.
They witnessed and helped us make
many, many, many
simple gifts to thank those that touch our lives.
They also were involved in every year finding a family
and buying gifts just for them.
When my youngest son was a freshman in college and all caught up in the
new college experience,
he still took the time to make one of those
knotted fleece blankets for the little foster girl we were buying for...
and it was HIS idea that he make a blanket to match for her doll.
I firmly believe if we teach the Spirit of Santa we raise very giving children.
All righty, off of my soapbox now!
And of course the last picture....
well Santa always has his suit and toy bag
hanging in our laundry room
just waiting for Christmas Eve!

Santa Claus is anyone who loves another
and seeks to make them happy; who gives
himself by thought or word or deed in every gift
that he bestows; who shares his joys with those
who are sad; whose hand is never closed against
the needy; whose arm is ever outstretched to aid
the week; whose sympathy is quick and genuine
in time of trouble; who recognizes a comrade
and brother in every man he meets upon life's
common road; who lives his life throughout
the entire year in the Christmas spirit.

 Vicki Howard's The Book of Santa Claus

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  1. I am wondering how long it takes you to put it all up and take it all down? I'm guessing more than an hour....lol!


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