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Mirrors, Mantel and Winter Magic

When I took down all my Christmas decor, the house seemed so much bigger. The mantel in the living room seemed huge! I almost took pics of everything and wrote a post called "Naked Is A Good Thing". But then the bare nakedness started getting to me, and I had to arrange and rearrange again.
Among that rearranging I did a
Winter Mantel.
I got the cute little
faux pinecones at Wal-Mart for 75% off this weekend.
They were supposed to be
Christmas tree ornaments,
but I thought they would work well on the fireplace.
I already had the white pinecones that I had
bought last year after Christmas.
Don't you love after-Christmas sales?

I mixed some big mercury balls, some twig balls, the two kinds of (cheapo) pinecones, crystal (the candlesticks) and silver, white and gold candles.

When I first just put down the balls and pinecones, it was fine, but a little flat and one-dimensional. (I should have taken pics.) So then I scoured the house and got the old mirror from the upstairs hallway. The mantel mirror is SO huge, I wasn't sure the small mirror would look right, but the natural wood really helped with the look I was going for.

Then I decided to throw in the various tapers to help with the heigth.
The various mirrors make it look like there are even more
candlesticks up there
than there really are!
The down-side to the
mirror magic
is that
it is DARN hard to take any pictures
without getting myself
in them!
Obviously, you can see me in this one,
but did you see the top of my head in the
one above that?
This mantel should get me through
most of the winter....
or until I get the urge to

For other pics of my mantel in the 7 months we have lived here, see below!

The day we moved in.

The summer mantel.

The fall mantel.

Christmas mantel.

Winter mantel.


  1. You have done a great job making the seasonal changes to your mantle. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Love It! So cleaver! Thanks for sharing Joann

  3. When I saw your preview pictures of "this is the house we might buy" I KNEW it was the house you needed to buy just because of the mantel/fireplace and the chandeliers!!! I knew you would work your magic there often!! AND you do!! Looks awesome as usual!

  4. So pretty. After Christmas sales rock! Thanks for linking up today!

  5. Great mantle ideas. They all are so pretty. I like the summer one best, I think...no..maybe the Christmas one. :) Oh, I can't decide. They all look great.

  6. Beautiful winter mantle. I love your new pinecones. They are great for winter decor. Your other mantles are so beautiful as well. Looking forward to seeing one for spring! ;0)

  7. Your winter mantle is beautiful! I found you through My Romantic Home. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your mantle's all look beautiful and I just adore that wall color!

  9. Lovely winter mantle...I love the summer as well!!...just found your blog and so glad I did...now a follower...I posted my winter mantle yesterday too!!...come on over and see...nice to meet you, Mariaelena


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