"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Someone call the show for me Pleassssseeee!!

 When we moved into our new (old) house
at the end of May, I was lucky enough
to have this closet
in the dining room.
I know, I know.
You're probably saying to yourself,
"She's calling that lucky????"
Well it is.
For a (dish) hoarder like me.
 It was probably meant as a coat closet,
but since it was in the dining room,
I claimed it as
The Dish Closet.
And so it beame that.
Now obviously, I could also see that the closet
needed a major overhaul.
But for those of you that have moved...
and had load after load after load after load
(you get the idea)
to unload,
then some of the things you thought were pressing
at one time
become not so much
pretty quickly.
 So it was with
The Dish Closet.
My intention was to
immediately get the
ugly closet
looking all cutesy.
But then I got tired of
tripping over all the boxes
of dishes....
that were everywhere!
So I just put the dishes in the closet and decided
I'd "get to it" during the summer.
Then the summer of heat hit.
I was not about to spend hours
trapped in a closet
scraping and scraping and painting and repairing.
So I shut the door to
The Dish Closet
and fogotaboutit.
Kind of.
 It was always there
in the back of my head
just nagging away.
Then last week I decided I wanted to do a
Fall Tablescape.
The trouble was that all my fall dishes were
in the very back
The Dish Closet.
(They were so buried you cannot even see them in the pictures!)
So on a Sunday afternoon about a week ago,
I unloaded
The Dish Closet.
Every last dish. And candle.
And bowl.
And cup.
And plate.
And....well you get the picture. Again.
 I decided to begin
The Big Makeover.
So I began scraping all that
gross wallpaper off.
And painting the woodwork.
(The closet even has a cute little window!)
 Then I put beadboard wallpaper up
on the bottom half of the closet.
It is looking SO much better.
Next up are some shelves.
Built in.
Painted crisp white.
Ready to hold dishes.
And candles.
And cups.
And plates.
And...well you get the picture. Again.
 And just in case you did NOT get the picture,
here is what my dining room has looked like for the
past week.
And I am not even showing the worst of it.
Yes, somewhere in that mess
is the set of
Fall dishes
I set out to get in the first place.
Now I just need to find the table!

Someone call the hoarders TV show.
Tell them you found a candidate for the show!
In the meantime....while I am waiting to get the call...
I'll try to finish up my Dish Closet!
I'll be sure to let you see the finished deal.
Mandy..I responded to you on the last message you left me.
Laurie--I wrote you a LONG email and it will not go through. I have tried TEN times and it keeps
coming back to me. Email me and let me know what I am doing wrong!!!!

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  1. Ha Ha! I just moved a china cabinet, and I have a mini hoarder mess in my dining room right now. It's nothing compared to yours. I can't wait for the big reveal. This is the kind of post that I love.

  2. However thick and sturdy you make your shelves....double it. Dishes are soooooo heavy and it would be a shame to find out the hard way that your shelving just can't hold the weight. What show? Snicker.

  3. Laurie9/20/2011

    Hey Lori! I did get your email last night. (It came through just once though.) Will email you back soon.

  4. From one hoarder to another..your dish closet is looking great! You do have quite a wonderful collection of dishes and I appreciate you sharing at the Open House party.


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