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Would you believe me if I told you I have lots of pictures on my hard drive ready to be blogged about?
The problem is finding the time to blog. Geez. 
"Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future...." 
We had (several) wonderful Thanksgivings. 
I got my Christmas stuff out and began the decorating process.

 During the middle of the thousand plastic tubs scattered throughout the house, the Hubs said he wanted to change the furniture around. We had already changed things around for Thanksgiving dinner. Then we changed more around for the Christmas tree. Then he wanted to change the den around "for winter". Hmmm. He never wants to change furniture around. Actually he usually hates it when I change things around. (But that doesn't ever stop me.) So, if he wanted to do some changing up, I was all for it. Above is what the den looked like before we started. I loved the checkerboard behind the sofa. 

  Now the sofa in the den is snuggly tucked into the curve of the bay window. It just fits. Admittedly, I like it under the checkerboard better, but I love changes and this is good for "winter"! My pups love sitting on the back of the couch and watching every little movement outside. 

 I went to Lowe's on Black Friday and stocked up on their gorgeous 99 cent poinsettias. You cannot beat that deal! 
 I lined them up in my wooden Pottery Barn box. Perfect. Doesn't my faux poinsettia book look cute next to all the real poinsettias? 

  One of my dearest friends from Kansas sent  me these two beauties a few years ago. Guess where she got them? 

If you said Nell Hills you are correct. I love their knobby knees and awkward beauty!

 The book on the table is really a little wooden "book" I got at Tuesday Morning a few years ago. It actually opens up and could hold all kinds of things. It was cute and I couldn't pass it up. 

 It looks like a real book doesn't it?  How cute is that cover? 

 Since the coffee table is front and center in the room, I had to make sure that Miss Pepper Mint and Miss Snow were on the table so they would get all the attention they deserve. Talk about cute?  How cute are they? 

 I named this one Miss Pepper Mint. She's a beauty for sure. 

 I named this one Miss Snow. Both are obviously beauty queens, as they both wear crowns! 

 There is lots more to see. ....Now if I would only take the time to post about it all!  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the new "winter" arrangement in the den!!


  1. I really, REALLY like the change and your "winter" touches. (I'm trying to figure out which was the fake poinsettia....) I especially like their touches of red in your room"scape"...

    The box and the two girls are charming, too.

    I thought the tree might go in the bay! Can't wait to see where it will stand.

  2. It's extremely difficult to do things, take pictures of the things you do and then still have time to write a blog about it all. Even more so if like me you have a full time job outside the home (boo!) JK I'm sure it's equally difficult for Mom's with young children!

  3. What fun! Love the red and white and the pillow on your couch!


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