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Turning over a new leaf...tablecloth

Just a simple Sunday afternoon dinner outside, enjoying the beautiful fall weather. My dishes are not the traditional fall colors, but I set the table according to a 
vintage tablecloth
I got from my mother. 

 I still wanted my tablescape to have a "fall" like theme, even if the colors were a little different for the season. I love the retro feel of the tablecloth. I used the colors of the corn to decide what dishes to use. 

 It just so happened that I had leaf dishes that matched the tablecloth as well, so I was sure to include them in the tablescape. They worked out perfectly. 

 Of course, I had to use some corn in the tablescape, since the tablecloth is covered in corn design. I chose a couple of Indian ears of corn, that were more on the muted side. 

 I cut off parts of the corn husk and used it to wrap up the silverware at each place setting. I used a (very small) piece of clear tape to keep the corn husk wrapped around the utensils. 

 I purposely tried to use a different color of husk at each plate. The colors of the corn and corn husk blended in perfectly with the muted greens and blues. 

 My leaf dishes and green goblets are both Wal-Mart specials. Neither were over $1, as I bought them both after the holidays. 

 I put some cabbage plants, pansies and the corn in an old earthenware bowl for the simple centerpiece. 

 While the corn skirted the edge of the tablecloth, the inner part of the cloth is scattered with leaves. My plates were a perfect match. 

 When it was time to use the silverware, it tore apart easily and that little piece of tape in the back was not a problem! 

 Sometimes the very simple tables are just as wonderful as the grand tables with expensive dishes. 

Especially outdoors, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with beautiful weather, with some of my favorite people! 

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  1. Anonymous11/07/2012

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the non traditional colors and am coveting (I know, I know...)your leaf dishes!

  2. Wow, I have big tablecloth envy ! This is just adorable ! I love the blue corn theme.. All I can thing about is those blue corn chips. Very pretty, thanks for sharing! Happy Fall Jules ~

  3. What a terrific table!


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