"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Simple Sundays

Gosh. How does 29 years go by so quickly? It's one of God's mysteries about raising children. The days (at times) seem long, but the years are just a whisper and they are gone. They add up so quickly....Toddlers are all of a sudden starting school; then school has become high school; then you glance again and the children are grown and on their own...And 29 years old and you are taking them wedding dress shopping. There is absolutely no way to explain it to a young mother. It has to be lived. Hug those babies, because those tiny feet will one day be stepping into a wedding dress....of her own. There is so much excitement about planning weddings. ....and a little reflection too! 

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  1. True when we look back we are stunned by the passing of time but when you are in the thick of teething, toddlers and teenage angst it is hard think it will ever end.


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