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Three Cheers for ....FREE(dom)

 I LOVE the month of July. I love everything about it. I love the long days and light-till-late evenings. I love the heat. Really. I love fireworks and watermelon and all the unbelievable garden produce that July presents to us. I LOVE the Fourth of July.
 Red, white and blue rank at the top of my favorite colors. I have those colors all over my house all year long, so it is not hard to pull the patriotic colors out during the summer. I am not one of those people that choose to be patriotic only on the 4th. I am a proud flag-waver all year long. I put my swags and banners out right before Memorial Day and I leave them out till the end of July. 
 The inside of the house is almost as bad. I play with red, white and blue arrangements all summer long. I arrange and rearrange. I pull stuff out and put stuff back. I enjoy every minute of it. Carefree summer....and that is how I decorate! 
 I found two old tops that once went on  newel posts. Someone was getting a new deck and they were throwing out all the old wooden pieces. So I got them for free!!  I had seen the similar flag holders in catalogs (for a lot of $$$), so I thought I'd try to make my own. 
 I did nothing besides drill five holes in the top of each piece. I then added dark wax to each post and sanded them down (just a little). 
 They were already very weathered, so I did not have to do much. I put five flags in each piece and they worked beautifully. I have had them all over the house this summer!!
 This arrangement on my dining room table features the great wooden box that Taylor found in the dumpster (and which we dubbed Dumpter Diva, because she is so darn beautiful now).  It also features the Chinese checker game board which I got for $1 and repainted over a year ago. Not only that, all the Blue Willow and red transferware are from auctions. Nothing on the table was purchased even remotely close to full price!
 That's why it is so much fun arranging during July. There are so many ways to display patriotic fun.
The only bad part about July..........................It goes by WAY too quickly!
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  1. Very clever, love your display! Visiting from met mon, love it if you popped over!

  2. I am simply LOVING the red, white and blue dishes; I have a similar box filled with all white, but am charmed with the idea of changing it up seasonally; great idea!! Thank you fro sharing; I'm a new follower!

  3. This is a beautiful 4th of July arrangement! I love your use of texture and height. My favorite thing is the Chinese checkerboard. Wonderful! Meghan

  4. Wonderful arrangement!!! Never thought of getting out the blue china, Yes, it is so much fun to find goodies this way, great job!


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