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My Problem...Tell All Tuesday's

 There is absolutely NOTHING like the bounty of summer. At our house we eat like kings. 
I love the farmer's markets that I frequent.
There is something new and different every week.
 My oldest son, Fielding, brought me all this...and more... one day. Oh. my. gosh. It was heaven. 
His grandfather-in-law has a huge garden and LOVES to share.

 Many times in the summer we go without any kind of meat for supper and just pigout eat FRESH fruits and vegies. Sometimes we will grill a steak to go with all the fresh foods.

 LOTS of BLT's (without the L)are eaten at our house. It is even better if I stop by the bakery and get fresh multi-grain bread. 
Is there any thing more simple and delicious than a 
bacon and tomato sandwich?

 But I have a confession to make. While I am eating the wealth of farmer's markets and generous grandpa's; while I am "Mmmmmmmmm" and "Mmmmmmmm" with every bite of the summer freshness; while I thoroughly enjoy each and every bite of savory fruits and vegetables that summer offers....I am reading a cookbook about chocolate and dreaming. 

 Dreaming about that next decadent chocolate treat that I need to whip up.....and eat!
I definitely have a problem!

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