"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Upside down goodness

What is a cupcake, but not quite a cupcake?
A miniature pineapple upside down cake.
I needed a little something to take to a friend.
A little pick-me-up. A little "I'm thinking of you". 

I did not want to run out to the store,
because of course I was doing this late at night.
So I used what I had.
I had a yellow cake mix.
Instead of the water, I substituted the
pineapple juice from the 
pineapple ring can.
That gives the cake a true pineapple taste.
I have a pan that looks like
eight mini bundt cakes.
I loaded it up just like I would
when making a regular 
pineapple upside down cake.
(Which just happens to be one of my favorite cakes!)
Of course I had to sample one
before I sent them off.
It was quite the sacrifice.
I'm a team player, for sure!
It's the weekend.
Find a small kindness to pass on 
to someone unsuspecting.
I promise you'll get out of it
more than you gave.
(And if you make it a delicious treat...
then you can sample it too!!!)
I am linking to Foodie Friday.

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