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Little Stitches .....

If you read my blog very often, you know that I am a Craigslistaholiclover.

A couple of weeks ago on one of my 
perusing moments I came across an ad for
'Two antique baby quilts'.
Three of those four words interested me immediately.
Two was the only so-so word.

The ad said the quilts were $50 each and 'had a few stains'.
I emailed the owner of the ad, got her address and .....
sent my daughter to check the quilts out.
I knew from the online pictures that one was a 
Sunbonnet Sue quilt 
and the other one
was a child-like farm scene.
Taylor called me from the 
quilt house 
and told me there were a few stains,
but the worse part was that the lady that owned them 
was a smoker.
(Sorry if I offended anyone, but Ugh.)
I told Taylor to offer 
The lady took it.
Then she gave Taylor a lesson on the quilt.
Each stitch was hand-stitched
in 1930.
They were made by her husband's grandmother,
for him.
He didn't want them any more, so the lady did not either.
I have no idea why I did not buy both of the quilts.
Sometimes I SO aggravate myself!

Taylor brought the quilt home
and it did have a few stains
and smell like smoke.
I was undaunted.
I got out my Tide stain pen and got to work.
I "colored" all over the stains with the Tide pen.
I then scrubbed those spots by hand, setting the Tide in deep.
Then I let it set for several hours.
Then I took the quilt and let it soak in Tide detergent overnight.
The next morning I washed it.
It was instantly better.
But it still needed work.
I repeated the same thing about three more times,
but instead of washing it in Tide I washed it in
Finally, I CAREFULLY used a bleach pen 
on the small remaining stains.
Bingo. The stains were gone.
And more importantly, it smelled wonderful as well.
I added three ribbons at the top for hanging.
Then I wrapped it up for Miss Leightyn's shower.
It is just perfect for Leightyn's room.
It has all the soft baby colors, and better yet,
it is full of farm animals...
just like Leightyn's farmhouse.
The top part has a little girl on a pony 
with the words "giddy-up".
In real life, Leightyn will be able to see 
a real pony from her bedroom window.
It also has chickens, dogs and bunnies...
all at Leightyn's farm.
The girls helped Leightyn's mama
hang it above her baby bed last night.
It is just perfect.
I think they are going to get the letters
LEL as hooks
and hang the quilt from.
But for now, it looks cute-as-can-be!
(Sorry about the pictures in the room, but it was very dark and very late!!!!)
Leightyn's room is painted a soft gray 
and her accessories are pink and blue.
It is very sweet.
Now we are just counting the days
Leightyn makes her appearance
and checks out the new quilt.
Have I convinced any of you to be Craigslisters????


  1. Yes you silly girl!! You should have bought BOTH quilts!! But this one is SO CUTE!! Oh and tell Taylor I love her outfit..pink and black houndstooth...bomb-diggity! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I really didn't say anything interesting....I am just trying to spell my name correctly on the post! geez!

  3. Replies
    1. what the heck?? it is spelled correctly everywhere except when I publish! ahhhhhh!


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