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Tell All Tuesday--Wednesday Style!!

Allow me to introduce 
Miss Leightyn Elizabeth Lucas.
All 8 lbs and 4 oz. of her on her little 20 inch long frame!!
(And just for the record, healthy Miss Leightyn 
has a very petite mother!!)
Actually Kelly's big fear was that Leightyn would be born and 
only weigh
5 lbs. or so.....
Then everyone would wonder why 
Kelly  had looked so big!! 
Leightyn's due date was March 23rd. When she arrived on Monday night, I wondered about her patience!!
But so far, she has been a very calm, easily content baby. (I hope I did not just jinx that!!!!) 

That means that 
Leightyn's birthday is
If any of you like the idiosyncrasy's 
of numbers like me, 
you will agree that her birthdate
is cool.
My Hubby's (late) father was born on 
So I liked that 
Leightyn (kind of) carried that on.
The first three pictures were taken right 
after she was born.
The last two were taken from my texts,
and pics my son Fielding has sent me.
Don't worry.....I am on my way to see her again 
this evening after school and I plan 
to load up with pictures!
She has to stay in the hospital 
another day or two,
as she has some jaundice issues.
I like to think that she is like her Gigi and
is already enjoying "laying out"!
Of course she is perfect. And beautiful.
And perfectly beautiful.
Of course I cannot wait to spoil her rotten.
My Spring Break begins on Friday
and Miss Leightyn 
could not have timed her arrival to be 
more perfect.
I plan to bond!!


  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful.

  2. Oooh, tell Fielding he did good! What a pretty granddaughter he got for you, Lori! I hadn't heard the good news.
    I hear grandchildren are even better than having children. I can't imagine it, but I'm willing to find out!!!
    Give her kisses from the C-Town Faction.

  3. Congratulations. Such a pretty baby girl. Is this your first grandchild?

  4. What a beautiful gift for your family. She is absoutely precious! Congratulations.

  5. Did you EVER believe how much you could love your grandbaby? It just grows and grows and you feel renewed and blessed everyday to have the blessing of grandchildren -just the thought of them, just a smell of them , just some time holding them can fix anything! That's what I think about grandbabies-of course I could go on all day about them. Yours is beautiful just like her grandmother!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She is beautiful! I had a 10 pound 1 oz. baby boy-we can't figure how he got that big. Enjoy!


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