"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain



How did I spend my St. Patty's Day?
Well I am not a green beer drinker.
Or any-color-beer-drinker for that matter.
But I can still have a great day to 
celebrate the day everyone 
is Irish.
This, Susan, is how I celebrated!

I made a four-layer-various-shades-of-green-cake.
It was really just a white cake, flavored with almond and 
levels of green food color.
I had made the rainbow cake last year, 
so I wanted to be different this year.

And since I did not have a rainbow cake this year,
I made a rainbow out of fresh fruit.

I would say this was equally as good as the rainbow cake
that I made last year.
Well, at least just as good...
in a totally different way.

Roy G. Biv looks beautiful as fruit too.
(For those of you that don't know who/what Roy G. Biv is.......
It is the way to remember the order of the rainbow. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet.)
Sometimes you have to combine Indigo and Violet when cooking/eating! 

We had rainbow suckers that mingled with the shamrocks.
And were protected by the leprechaun!

We found the pot of gold ....
That were really big chocolate pieces.
Perfect gold! hmmmmmm!!!

We looked at some of our heirlooms from Ireland.
We talked about the family...
the O'Connor's and the Flanagan's.

We ate some more four-layer-of-varied-green-Irish-cake.
Did I mention it was delicious?

Did I mention it was topped with homemade buttercream icing.
Flavored with almond extract.
And gobbed between the four-various-green-colored-layers.
My mom even liked loved it so much, she took some home.

(Five of the nine Flanagan children....Gertrude, Roselou, Aloyicious, Howard)
And we went through family photographs
and tried to remember all the 
Irish limericks
Granddad Flanagan 
used to say.
By far, my favorite, that I repeat over and over and over
"If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough."
And this Irish girl had a very Irish-kinda-day. 


  1. I love the green cake!!! What a clever idea! You have lots of great ideas here. I love it!

    I'd love to have you come by and link up at my For the Kids Friday Link party (going on now!). We have lots of fun ideas to share. Hope to have you stop by!


  2. What a great party! Love the cake and the fruit. Next year I wanna celebrate at your house. (I need directions so I can find it next time I'm in STW.)
    I knew you wouldn't disappoint me. ;)

  3. There is ONE DAY left to link up GREEN recipes……


    And starting today on THIS WEEK’S CRAVINGS Linky Party we are featuring CHOCOLATE… CHOCOLATE… and MORE CHOCOLATE. We would love to have you link up any great chocolate recipe!



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