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Moving On Out................

Summer means swimming; whether it is at pools, lakes or oceans.  Summer means Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July. Summer means late nights outside.  Summer is happiness and shedding the heaviness of winter and the pastels of spring.  With that in mind, I like for my house to show it is summer. I like to reflect the mood of summer. So what to do? Change things around. I put up some of the darker objects I had out and bring out summer.

Becomes this:
My family has raised cattle forever and I have a soft spot for cattle pictures. (My Dad and husband do not understand why either.)

Becomes this:

Becomes this:

And this:

My hubby has been known to ask (on more than one occasion), "Where did we get that?"  or  "When did we get that?"  
And most of the time it is something that we have had....maybe even for a while.  But by moving things around, he finally noticed!

Does that mean that when I change things around again and put new things out and put some back up that it will be like I had it before?
In a word: No! What would be the fun in that?  

I get bored easily.  Objects in my house change often all year long.  Things get put up and things get put out. 

I know I don't get that from my mother. She has the same things in the same place since I can remember. When I try to change things up for her she gasps!!

I think I get it from my Granddad Flanagan.  He also got bored and changed things around.  Although he did it a little differently.  He would just buy a new house and move!

Compared to that...mine seems minor!



  1. Anonymous6/03/2010

    Maybe you get it from me....LOL!! I've been known to change things up once in awhile....are you laughing hard on the floor by now????


  2. I love your cow pictures and especially, those wooden carved cows. I would have a very hard time putting them away for the winter though!

  3. What Ro said...love the cow pictures. I really do. They are so interesting.
    I should dig deeper here to find out the connection but you seem to have a thing for letters and numbers on objects. Interesting.


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