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Happy Father's Day...............

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." -- Clarence Budington Kelland

   One day this summer my youngest son and I turned on the TV and happened to get in on the tail end of Dr. Phil's wife giving someone an interview about him.  She was telling about what a remarkable father he was.  She said, "I have never to this day ever seen Phillip put a single drop of alcohol to his lips."  I commented about how unbelievable that was, since Dr. Phil has kind of gone "Hollywood."  My youngest son turned to me and said, "Well I've never seen my dad put a single drop of alcohol to his lips either."  I smiled and said, "You're right Luke.  And you remember that. He was teaching you by example."  That small conversation reminded me that no matter how young or old our children are, they are still watching and observing us. And in that respect I picked a perfect man to have five children with.  He is a man of infinite patience, hard-working, and loves children and all child-related activities.  When the our children were growing up, he not only went to every activity they all did, most of the time he was the coach of the team or the sponsor of what they were doing. Now that they are in their twenties he still is an active participant in their lives as he helps them with college questions or schedules, helps them move, or just spends the day playing golf with them.
  Former NFL coach Tony Dungy gives motivational talks about the importance of fathers.  His number one rule for fathers is "Father's need to love their child's mother."  At our house we have that covered. We decided early on to co-parent the large brood we had.  In that same respect we knew we would have to also show the children how much we loved each other. The number ten rule of Dungy's is "You are a father your whole life."  That too is important.  No matter how old children get, they still look up to, and need a father's love.

So to my husband I send out not only "Happy Father's Day" but  also "Thank you."  Thank you for being a wonderful husband to me and super father to our children.

And to my own dad (who would never read this) a very happy Father' Day.  You too gave your best lessons by example.  Love you both.

I am linking with Tracey today for quotes of the week.  Do you think a lot of them will be about fathers?  


  1. Wonderful post this week...God bless your hubby for being there for his family,sounds like he's doing an awesome job!

  2. Beautiful quote and nice story. Thanks, Nancy

  3. I agree, I agree and I agree some more. If we don't pick good men to have our children with how can we expect good fathers and good examples.
    Sounds like you chose a good one.


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