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Kids Do The Darndest Things..........

In the past two weeks, for no reason at all, my children have 'gifted' me.  Not only have they 'gifted me', but because of the gifts they gave me, I know that they were thinking of me.  In other words it was not about to be a birthday or gift-giving holiday.  They just randomly saw these things, and thought of me.  Is there anything better than that?

First, my son Luke was helping someone clean a garage.  He saw TWO of these galvanized water-buckets that were getting tossed aside.  He knew I would love them.  One of them even came with a lid!
And it was Luke's idea to put the flags in the bucket/cooler.  I was going to plant flowers in it and he told me I was 'boring'.  He said he imagined it with a bunch of American flags.  So I did.  And I love it. And I love Luke for seeing a dirty old galvanized bucket and thinking of me!!

Then, my daughters were together at an Estate Sale.  They sent me a picture on my phone of these plates and asked me if I liked them.  I text back that I love cobalt blue.  They bought all 8 of them.  They said when they were paying that the Estate Sale lady said she couldn't wait for someone to buy them because she thought they were such a great color. I plan on using them...and putting them in a Tablescape. Or two. Or three. 
I love the plates....And I love my daughter's for seeing these bright blue plates, knowing how much I love blue, and thinking of their mama!

Then to complete a great week, my son Coulter came home with this little gem.  He said he saw it with the # 5 on it and knew I would like it. (I collect 5's because of the number of children I have).  Plus he knew I would like the color he said.
He could not have been more on target....Speaking of which, is where he got it...At Target.
 The lamp is the color of sea glass. I ooohed and aaaawed and loved it immediately.  And I love Coulter for seeing the number 5 and thinking of his mom who loves all things 5!

Don't kids do the darndest...and sweetest things?  When you least expect it? 


  1. You have awesome kids! I think it's great when they just see something and think of us and it's not even our birthday. I would say your kiddos know you well. I saw that lamp at Target, even had it in my cart...but put it back. Well you know...my lamp fetish and all!!

    Hmmmm.....do I need it?? LOL!!


  2. Lo,
    I think that your kids have learned by the example you have set!
    You are always so thoughtful, and remember that sad, yet important, day in the life of my family.
    Thank you for being my friend!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by and actually taking time to read my story. I think it is so wonderful that our kids love us so much and know the things we enjoy. You are blessed! Love all the wonderful goodies they found for you. Please come by soon and check out the "In my daughters Eyes" that I have spotlighted. Have a lovely summer.

  4. It's me again. I am now a follower

  5. great scores!
    & yes they do :)


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