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Lessons in Carrot-ing!

 At first glace did you think that was a basket of big 'ole (real) carrots? I think it kind of looks like it. 

 Well for those two or three of you I had fooled, they are not (real) giant carrots. They are giant carrots, but they began their Easter seasonal life as carrot bats. Yes, as in baseball. And they come with that green ball. The great news is that they only cost $1 a piece. Now that's a deal. They can be found at your local Wally World or Dollar Tree. I am sure they are at other places as well, but that is where I purchased mine. 

 They also begin their seasonal Easter life looking very orange and very plastic. Ugh. But about a minutes worth of work on each carrot takes care of that. I used gel stain I already had. I simply wiped each carrot down with the stain then wiped off what I did not want to stay on. 

 The carrot on the far left has not been wiped down with stain yet. You can tell the difference. The others look more like real carrots now. 

 During spring and Easter season I love to use them everywhere. I put them in all sorts of baskets and arrangements. I just stick the "handle" part of the "bat" down in the container so that only the top shows. No one is the wiser....unless you are reading this and now you know! 

 As I was sitting here typing this up, it occurred to me that perhaps a little of the green raffia or Easter grass would look cute glued to the top. Or even some torn/shredded green fabric. Hmm. I'll have to try that out!
 As you can see, I've put these carrots in all sorts of arrangements and containers. I've used them from rustic, to tin, to galvanized, to china. They seem to fit in quite well in all places. 

 I've even used them on the door a couple of times in baskets. 
 Actually the ones on the door I never even hit with stain. You can tell in the pictures, but I don't think you can tell when driving by and looking at the door. I should probably stain them though. 

 I even used them last year when I took pictures of (then) 12-day-old Leightyn. I made cute Easter cards that said, "There is Some-Bunny new in town!" (Don't worry, I cropped the picture so you couldn't see the adult!
This year Leightyn carries the carrots around hitting them together like drumsticks! 

 So that is your complete "lesson in carrot-ing". Now you need to head to your local store and find some "carrot bats" to buy. Hit them with a little stain or watered down paint and you too are ready to carrot-ize just in time for Easter. Have you seen an easier Easter tutorial????
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  1. Giant carrots from outer space! LOL! I actually did think they were real at first glance! I saw these at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago but my creative brain must'vebeen shut off because the only thing I was thinking of was that if I gave them to my grand babes they'd probably lose the balls and use the carrots to torture each other with! Now I may need to go back and see if they still have them so I can use them for decoration!


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