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Peak-A-Boo-We See In!!!

I have shown you many times our 
large fireplace and mantel.
 (And just for the record,
I did spell it wrong again, before I fixed it. 
What is it with me and the word mantel/mantle???)

 It is what you see when you walk in to our front door. OR if you are foot (or trolley) traffic and you (slowly) walk (or ride) by our house. I have explained that we live in a historic district of a historic town. We have lots of traffic. And LOTS of people looking for glimpses into the house. (Admit it, you do that too if you are out and the lights are on, or you can see inside.) 
 We do not mind it, but it certainly keeps us on our toes. The front room is the big living room that we don't use constantly. It is such a big nice room that we will all go in there to sit around and talk, but if someone wants to watch TV, there are other rooms for that. Because of that, this room stays relatively clean. Except for Abe and his constant need to bring in all his toys to put on the rug in front of the fireplace....(in a pile)!
 We have glass front doors, and I try to keep it peekable (new word) if we are home. With that in mind, I also try to keep the fireplace mantel ever-changing.
 This time I got a piece of old ceiling tin from my good friend that found the 5's for me
It is over 4 feet long.
She had it out in her barn
and was going to take it to a sale,
but luckily I got to shop the barn before the sale!
 She thought that maybe I would paint it old white or my duck egg chalk paint. And I did think about it.
Then one night (well about 3ish in the morning, because that's how I roll) I took off the Easter decor and just sat the tin across the mantel. 
The old gold looked scrumptious up against the old brass from the light fixtures on the fireplace. It even made the old wood mirror look more gold. And it made the brass (crooked in the picture two above) look like it matched as well. I was happy with the look. Simple and clean. I took a phone pic and text it to my friend (yes, at 3ish in the morning). She was sleeping soundly getting ready for her early wake-up call to start her barn sale. But, being the good friend and junker that she is, she understood the importance of my texted picture. She too agreed that the old gold tin was perfect on the fireplace.  So if you (slowly) amble by, or take the local trolley tour (while you sit in front of the house f-o-r-e-v-e-r), look in on the fireplace and this is what you will see! 

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  1. Yes, the text woke me up but it was worth it!! And the tin looks WAAAAAAAAAAY better in your home!!! I wish I had your mantel!! The gold frame is still waiting for you!!! LOL!!! Everything looks FABULOUS!!!


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