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Third Times The Charm...and The (real) Charmer!

Where have you been?  I haven't gone anywhere, so it must be you!!!!!
I'll be honest.
I have made a 1 1/2 hour trip south of here several times 
the past three weeks.
Well maybe it has been a few more
than several.
And maybe she (and her parents)
have been up to see us
a couple of times...
So her Gigi (that would be me!!)
could take some pics
of her....
Actually that would be a LOT
of pics I have taken.
And yes, I know, I messed up that quote.
But it just seemed too fitting
and I just wrote it wrong....
and didn't change it.
(No bias at all.....uhmmm.)
But she is so dang cute I can't help myself.
Again, no bias at all.
so for the last three weeks here is some of what I did:
Became a Gigi (officially 3 weeks tomorrow).
Got my official release from the knee doctor because he said
I was "progressing WELL above the norm". 
It does still hurt some, 
but I have a pain threshold like no one else I know.
And believe me, no matter the little stingers I 
feel now and then, 
it is nothing compared to what it was before the operation.
I enjoyed spring break.
The bummer was that it rained every single day but one.
The upside to that is that it poured every single day but one.
And boy did Oklahoma need it.
So I just stayed inside and worked on some of my projects.
Or visited Leightyn!!
I completely cleaned every thing in my pantry 
and organized it.
I painted and finished four pieces of furniture.
I sewed curtains for Leightyn.
I read.
I spray painted a ceiling fan.
I watched (and bossed) as my Hubby
installed a new fan and took down the old
(that I then spray painted)..and then put it 
in our bedroom.
I know. I know. Chandeliers are THE thing to have.
I am practical.
I love fans blowing on me. 
I hate still or stagnant air.
I completely changed around two rooms.
That I had previously "thought" I had finished.
I watched as my sons moved three sofas to 
three completely different rooms for me.
Musical sofas. (The sons were not amused.)
I decorated for St. Pats.
I decorated for Easter.
I had a special visitor from Kansas stop by.
I planted shrubbery and flowers in the yard.
I helped take out an old fence.
I watched (and bossed) as Hubby and sons 
put in a new fence.
Honestly, there is more. But this is long.
So I will focus.
I did not take pics of everything along the way.

With the exception of Leightyn!!!

But I did take a few pics of a small dresser that I redid.
For the third time.
Here we go....
I painted this piece to match other pieces in the room.
When I got ready to paint it the Hubs told me 
"he hated that piece" and wondered why I would bother with it. Again.
Being the Good Wife that I am, 
I thought about it...
and proceeded to paint it.
Here it is in its second life.
It started out as a nice (real wood) maple piece
of my grandparents.
When they died I got it.
It was in my children's den so I decided to paint it black
and add the sports themed knobs.
That was probably at least 15 years ago.
(I've been at this painting thing a LONG time!)
Then last summer I painted it with Annie Sloan blue.
I put cute delft knobs on it to match.
For the life of me, I could not find the pics of it.
Just imagine.
I think this is when the Hubs started hating it.
It (the dresser in blue) was just "ok" with me too (but I did not tell him that.)
I put a dark wax on it to tone down the blue, but 
it was still just ok (which is better than "hate").
So then during (rainy) spring break
I decided that the piece deserved better and painted it. Again.
I also got new knobs and put on it.
(Technically I had the knobs already, I just painted them with ORB and put them on this piece.)
You can see the bright blue where I distressed it in places.
But I like it. (Really!!)
Hubs has not jumped on the band wagon yet.
I used Duck Egg blue and then Coco on top of that.
I used only clear wax on top of all that.
It really does look better now and 
matches the room and everything in it.
It will probably stay this way a while.
Even if the Hubs never admits he (kinda) likes it now.
I'll be back this week to post other things.
My three week break was long enough.
Just wanted you to know that I have been really busy....
taking pictures!!! Ha!

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  1. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Okay, this is going to be long because I emailed you and....ahem.....haven't heard back from you but it sounds like Leightyn land is keeping you very busy....lol!! I think being a "Gigi" suits you. I'm so happy to hear about your knee. I know nothing can keep you down for very long!! We have been doing so many projects around here, it's like every weekend we are "Weekend Warriors". Too bad I don't have a blog to share it all on:( I sure would love to plan a trip to Oklahoma this summer.....hmmmmm.....maybe I will:)



  2. Oh, she is adorable. Love the last on in the basket. I see you paint and repaing things like I do. Congrats on the G baby!


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