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New Years Glamour on the Mantel

 Did you see my post from a couple of days ago when I showed you how to set a great New Years tablescape on a slim budget? Well I've moved the same elements to the fireplace. 
 Many people might not want to host a formal sit down dinner. Or they might have too many people for a decorated table. This mantelscape lets everyone enjoy the same elements, just on a different level. 
 I literally moved the decorations from the table, into the living room and on  the mantel. (Hello me, mirror-photobomber.) 
I did add a little Christmas tinsel to the mantel. I only put a small piece in the middle.

 Depending upon the size of your mantel, you might have to take some of your table elements away, or add a few, such as I did with the damask-like candles. My mantel is almost 8 feet long. It take a lot to cover it. 
 I still love the idea of a clock or clocks as the focal point of New Years decor. I have seen pictures where people had multiple clocks on the mantel. I love that idea too, but I just don't have that many cool clocks. (But I sure wish I did!!) 
 I took all these pictures at night. Some with the lights on, and some with just the candlelight of the mantel. That way it would give you an idea of how things would look during a real New Years party. Keep that in mind when decorating! 
 You want to be able to enjoy the beauty of your hard work in the dim light as well! 
 I used candle votives of different sizes and textures to put some of the Christmas bulbs on. I didn't want them all sitting at the same height! 
 I even pulled out some crystal salt-cellars to use to hold Christmas bulbs. (Do you know what a salt-cellar is?) 
 Unintentional decorating tip (especially using candles). Put your candles in front of a mirror and get twice the beauty!!  (Unintentional because the gianormous mirror came with the house and I have a love/hate relationship with it!!  Tonight it is a love relationship!) 

 See what I mean? 

 See how I have used the same elements, just in a different place? I even used the curly tree ornaments and clipped them on to a little stand that is holding some round ornaments. 
 Look at all those candles!!! (But you know the secret now!) 

 I think the key to this (cheap) glamour is concentrating on three (or four) colors and using many different shapes and textures in those color wheels. It just makes it interesting and fun. 

 Time's a wastin'!  Have you gone after-Christmas shopping or gone through your Christmas bins?  Just look at the fun you can have! 
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  1. This is gorgeous beyond words! I just couldn't let the pictures go so I created a New Years board for them! So, so fabulous! Happy New Year! Hugs, Leena

  2. I adore your mantel, it is without a doubt the most beautiful winter/New Year's mantel I have seen. I've got a thing for gold, silver, glitter, and especially candlelight. What you did is totally, absolutely, incredibly awesome! I love it so much I am going to attempt to duplicate your look on my one mantel next Christmas, I'm saving this link and have printed out some of your beautiful photos and stashed them away in my inspiration drawer. I suppose I need to learn how to use that Pinterest I signed up for recently, heh? I'm still doing things from the pre-computer and internet age (clipping photos), LOL! Seriously, I don't know how you will be able to bear taking it down when the spring comes (which can't happen soon enough for me around here, let me tell you, geez!) I am definitely adding more candlelight to my own mantel tonight and will sit on the sofa and enjoy the flickering light as I snuggle under an afghan with the lights off.


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