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Hanging of the Green (wreath)

 From the moment I spotted the checkerboard tin at the salvage yard I knew I would put a live Christmas wreath in the middle of it. Plain. Simple. Beautiful. The checkerboard practically told me itself that during the Christmas season he wanted to be part of the 'hanging of the greens'!

 So far there have only been a couple of friends that have totally understood why I love this (Purina) checkerboard tin so much. My family "uh-huh's" me and shakes their head up and down and tolerates my whim, but they haven't just LOVED it like I do. 

 That's ok with me though. It's not that they mind the checkerboard, they just don't understand my passion for it. Just like I don't understand their passion for TV. Or fantasy football. Or the same sports story watched over and over and over and over...(like they are seeing it for the first time. Every. Time!!) So we're even. 

 I tolerate their whims. They tolerate mine. And we all live happily. Especially that (Purina) checkerboard with the simple green wreath that it was practically screaming out for during the holiday season. 

 Never mind the wreath is a little wonky and not quite perfectly circular. More like a crooked ellipse. 

 A simple wonky ellipse held up by a strand of upholstery webbing that (almost) looks like it has two lines of checkerboard running along its edges. 
(So much better than the "velvet" red ribbon it came with.)

 When the Christmas season is over, the checkerboard can go back to looking wonderful as a sentry for the sofa. But until then....
The (Purina) checkerboard looks pretty magnificent with its simple wreath of greens. Do you have a simple decoration that just makes you happy every time you see it?
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  1. I really love this! It looks great above your couch! I am a sucker for checks and red! It is a great story when you bring something home that you just love, and people just don't get it. I have a cylinder with nails on it that my husband loves to tease me about. I love it. Joni

  2. I would totally make a home for the checkerboard in my house!

  3. OMG !!!!! I LOVE that checker board !! I want that checker board!!!!! I love red and love checks !!! Also, love your living room, that cow painting, awesome....such a fresh country look !!!


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